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Is this where we add the title?
Dean Craig Pelton here. Long time educator, the dean of Greendale Community Collage and unpublished fantasy writer.

Places in summer class on PA announcing are still available! Only $10 per hour!

I wouldn’t object to having a normal dinner with you as well, Jeffrey.

Whoever uploaded those videos to youtube….

….thank you.

Dean, I think I know who the pencil belongs to, so I’ll just stop by your office tomorrow and kindly return to them like the model Greendale student I have and will continue to be.
That’s very thoughtful of you, Annie!

Whoever turned my car into a six years old’s birthday dream, know this:

I’m onto you. And I’m going to find you. And then… you WILL be sorry.

Oh! By the way, someone dropped a pencil with a cute little monster on the top of it near my car. It’s to be found in my office :)


A few people in Greendale are totes cool, but the environment didn’t provide for what I wanted to do in life. Sorry, man. It just didn’t do it for me. There’s a whole Ultimate Frisbee league in Delaware.

How is frisbee even considered a sport?! GREENDALE hosted a swimming competition BETWEEN ALL LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGES last spring at OUR OWN swimming pool!



Ok, Jeffrey, I got it, your bed is a no-entry-zone. Geez.

So! When can you be here to pick me up? Half an hour? *murmurs to himself* That should be enough to put together a Rachel Marron costume…

Fix-It Felix, Jeff! From that AWESOME movie Abed and I saw. 

We totally have to dress up as Ralph and Felix sometime soon, right, buddy?

Are you talking to me, Troy? You know I love being seen publicly with you.


Reformed Neo Buddhism is not a cult, we simply accept what society doesn’t want to believe.

We seek true power through escaping society’s lies, and the monthly membership fees I pay goes to ensure we keep that power.

Hm. Maybe we should adjust the fees to students’ income…


I’m not here just to post the this and that’s of my life, oh no. I’m here to hear about yours.

Since I’ve graduated, I’ve come to the realization it isn’t all about me. It’s about everyone I come in contact with; every life I touch and everyone that touches mine.

Aren’t you one of those unfortunate individuals who transfered to a so called, uh, real college? Was Greendale not stimulating enough for you?

I’m your girl!
Oh… I didn’t think you’d agree…

Craig nervously straightened up his hoodie for a thousand time after it slipped down from his wig. He couldn’t find the perfect Whitney Houston-esque one and had to settle on black straight hair reaching to his shoulders. As if that wasn’t enough to put him on edge, Jeff was running late and didn’t answer his last four messages. The evening was slowly approaching and Greendale at night was a rather unsettling place to be. Craig sighed and sat down on one of his five suitcases he dragged on the parking before the school.

The fact that he was actually going to spend the night without worrying for his safety was a miracle in itself. He knew he should just wait patiently to not put the man off. Now that he thought about it, tweeting about moving in with Jeffrey was probably a mistake…